Dane Bratz

Dane is originally from Lynnwood, has deep Washington roots coming up to visit his grandparents in the Skagit Valley on weekends growing up. After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area for college and his early career, Dane moved back home to the PNW with his wife and daughter and recently settled in Mount Vernon.

By way of trade, Dane designs and develops software products and platforms, and has worked for the past several years at a variety of early stage Silicon Valley startups. He is currently working as CTO of Skipper Hospitality, which builds ecommerce and direct distribution solutions for independent hotels.

Dane is deeply passionate about nourishing eating and lifestyles, cooking with local ingredients, and community food systems (he once built a mobile cooking application called Skillit to help people cook meals with the ingredients they had on hand.), and is excited to help support these things in the Mount Vernon and Skagit Valley communities through his work on the board.
In his free time, Dane loves spending time with his family, snowboarding, hiking and exploring outside, reading, and practicing and teaching yoga.