Upcoming Events For May

Upcoming Events For May

Welcome to the new season! 2017 is a huge year for the Mount Vernon Farmers Market; we’re turning 30 years old! To celebrate, we’re planning some really fun events!

On our opening day, May 20th, we’ll have the “Founding Father” of the market, Larry Ashby speaking to us about what it was like at the beginning way back in 1987 to put farmers and customers together for the first time here in Mount Vernon. He’ll be speaking at noon, so if you have any questions for him, feel free to ask! We’ll have some fun programs, and musical guests that day, too.

While you’re moseying through the market, take a look at our snazzy new banners and signs! We’ve had them all updated with our new logo, fonts, and colors. The board’s been working on the new look since January. You will probably see our new banners and posters all over town, too.

Stop by the “Market Store” tent to pick up a copy of our new cookbook, for only $12. It contains recipes written by our awesome Demonstration Chefs, collected over the past 30 years, as well as recipes contributed by vendors, board members, and customers. It’s guaranteed that you’ll find something tasty to cook in that book!

Did you know that we also have new T-shirts? They are available in red, navy and olive in both men’s and women’s sizes. Is there a new baby in the family? We have them covered too, with our new Mount Vernon Farmers Market onesies.

As always, you’ll see our volunteers and board members walking around, so if you have a question or can’t find something, give us a holler! You can always tell who we are; we’re the ones with either a “Volunteer” or “Board Member” button on. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find someone who does!

Are you worried because you have wooden tokens left over from last year, or even the year before last? Have no fear! We will always honor them. Just bring them with you!

Don’t forget, our intrepid Market Manager, Shawna Mengle will ring the first opening bell of the season at 9:00am sharp. She’ll also ring the closing bell at 2:00pm. So be sure to come down sometime between 9 and 2 to get your goodies!

No matter whether it rains or shines on May 20th, we’ll be there waiting to “Meet you at the Market!